Long Live, Zamunda!

Vue du château de l’Oeuf à Naples, Lancelot-Théodore Turpin de Crissé, 1838

I was asked to answer an interesting thought experiment!

You are the Supreme Chancellor of Zamunda (not a real country), an up and coming country located off the coast of Thailand.  While you are a small, island nation, you are rich in natural resources and you are a rapidly rising tech hub due to the outstanding education system and relatively cheap wages in your country.  Your ports are both deep and plentiful.  You enjoy good relationships with all nations although you currently restrict migration into Zamunda.  You are new to the global economy and want to do a good job serving your people as Supreme Chancellor.

Please describe how you would economically lead your country into prosperity. How would you pursue or avoid a globalist agenda?  How would you setup your country to respond to global crises?

An Open Letter to the People of  Zamunda,

Our Zamunda is a magnificent and flourishing island country who shares a wonderful and beautiful culture with our neighbor, Thailand.  We respect our brother and sister nations as they respect us in return.  We are rich in natural resources, both from mother nature and in the gifts of our people.  Today, we are rising to the cutting edge of technology and have some of the most advanced laboratories and research programs in the world.  Our trading routes and supply chains are fast and efficient.

Good people, please lend me your ears.  As Supreme Chancellor, I will strive to further globalize so that we may continue to rise and improve the daily lives of all our citizens.  Our country has the right to find its place in the expanding global community and I wish for all citizens to have clear and free access to any and all opportunities they may dream of.  To compete in a global economy and lead our country into prosperity, this administration will focus on four key areas: utilities and internet access, a free market, education, and healthcare.

In addition to the below propositions, I plan to assemble an expert team of learned and experienced individuals to help us all to continue to prosper.  Part of the team of individuals to ensure continued prosperity will include economists, medical experts, climate scientists, and proven and trustworthy military leaders.

We will continue to be transparent with all our plans and actions.  All literature will be posted online in a timely manner and will be available in paper copy throughout all cities and townships.  You will continue to have the right to vote and participate in protests and discourse.  All media outlets and individuals are free to report on the doings of your government. 

Utilities And Internet Access

I will bolster our country’s digital infrastructure, pass net neutrality laws, and make access to the internet a basic utility.  I will give the people basic utilities, including internet, water, energy, sewer, and waste management, for less money by flattening hierarchies and streamlining processes with the best technologies available.  I also propose a new sliding price scale for individual households and their respective incomes.  We will pass laws and work hard to make our utilities environmentally friendly so that future generations can continue to enjoy this beautiful island.

A Free Market

Businesses will have little bureaucracy and taxes to worry about their first year thus allowing your startup business the time and space to prosper.  The government will allow a grace period before the individual must claim to have opened a business; this affords you the options to attempt new and creative endeavors without unnecessary burdens. 

Small- to medium-sized businesses would not be so burdened with paperwork and taxes that they collapse.  When a business becomes so successful as to rise into a medium-large enterprise, their leadership will start to substantially pay back into the systems that supported them (such as the utilities programs and primary education).  Very large corporations will be subject to more stringent government oversight to reduce corruption.


The primary (K-12/trade) school system will be supported by taxes from medium-large businesses as mentioned above.  All citizens under the age of 20 should complete through grade 12.  If any individual is unable to complete grades 9-12, they will enter a trade school until they meet the standardized journeyman level in their selected trade.  Waivers and proper support and resources will be given to any who cannot complete schooling due to extenuating circumstances or disabilities.

Any citizen wishing to attend higher education will be able to do so in a clear and timely manner.  If the individual chooses a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics) program, their tuition, room, and board will be free during the time of attendance.  Other programs will be available and they will charge tuition at a reasonable rate.  Individuals will be taxed later when employed to pay back into the higher education system.  In order to support our growing STEM-based economy and further our global connections, we will loosen restrictions for those wishing to work in our country in any of the STEM industries – in private business, for the public utilities, and our healthcare system.


In addition to basic utilities, a self-regulating market economy, and all-encompassing education, free and clear access to healthcare is paramount for the continued success of the people.  Healthcare will remain a personal and private matter.  All systems will pay back into the healthcare system.  Women’s healthcare clinics will be located in every city and township and run by a learned and experienced staff and outfitted with proper resources; treatment fees will be minimal.  All females will have free access to reproductive information and birth control.  All new mothers will receive a care box with basic childcare essentials and literature.  All people will have free and clear access to emergency services, and all people will have access to free and mandatory vaccinations.  Any cosmetic and non-healthcare related services fees will be paid by the recipient.

Global Crises

As we continue to increase our participation with the global economy, we will also be subject to and impacted by global crises.  This administration will assemble teams to prepare for such emergencies.  Your government will attempt to proactively address three persistent risks of a globalized world – climate change, pandemics, and wars. 

Climate Change

Addressing climate change starts locally.  As mentioned above we will strive to implement and improve the green technologies in our utility systems.  We will harness the power of water and sun to support our homes and businesses.  One clean hydroelectric power plant coupled with the use of solar panels and banks will be able to support our island and its ventures.

There will be governmental oversight to assist businesses in green practices and technologies.  We will give advantage to those businesses and individuals who wish to use and improve clean energy sources.  When entering into the global supply chain all businesses and governmental agencies will choose partners who hold the same high environmental values as we do. 


A pandemic will cause our economy to decline because we will shut down our borders.  The individual’s right to live is valued over the life of the economy.  Your government will prepare for a border shutdown with proper amounts of life-sustaining resources which will be allocated equally to all people by the military and healthcare professionals.  We will not carry a deficit; we will save money anywhere we can by flattening hierarchies and creating our own energy infrastructures.  Many infrastructures such as healthcare facilities and laboratories, technologies and power structures, and other functions will be created and maintained by our military men and women.

The Military

The majority of time spent in military service will include giving back to our country by building and improving infrastructure.  There will a preference to admit individuals with STEM and trade degrees.  Citizens who join the military and serve honorably for at least one term will be compensated with housing and a universal monthly stipend.  In addition to lifelong compensation, members will learn all skills needed to survive in a crisis, and to save and support citizens in peril.  The preservation of life will be the highest priority.  Values will include service before self, integrity first, and excellence in all that is done. 

We have established ourselves as a neutral country and have joined the United Nations.  We never seek war but we plan to defend ourselves.  We will assist our geographically-close neighbors in times of crisis especially when it will impact our own safety and security.  If a country with whom we do business comes into warfare, we will decide at that time if we continue to include them in our global business plan.


Great people of Zamunda, please join us in rising globally!  Let us continue our good work and increase our prosperity.  Let us plan for the future without fail.  Long live our great island nation!  Thank you for your ears!

Your Supreme Chancellor and humble public servant,

Do you have any ideas for Zamunda?
Let me know your thoughts; please comment below!

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