Why Dungeons & Dragons is Good for You (In Real Life)

The Awakening Conscience, William Holman Hunt, 1853

This is a wonderful and moving introduction to D&D that dispels many stereotypes about the game and illustrates its worth! Please enjoy!

Famous Players of Dungeons and Dragons (snip from the video)

“The quintessential nerdy pastime of Dungeons & Dragons (also called D&D) can actually be the secret to life success. How? Ethan Gilsdorf shows us how this groundbreaking game involving communal storytelling, dice-rolling, and imaginary adventures in lands filled with dragons, quests, elves and evil wizards actually gives us powerful tools to combat the perils and challenges of reality.”

Why Dungeons & Dragons is Good for You (In Real Life) | Ethan Gilsdorf | TEDxPiscataquaRiver

Five Lessons from Dungeons and Dragons

Lesson One: Collaboration and Teamwork; The Power of Diversity

Lesson Two: Preparedness, Innovation, and Problem-Solving

Lesson Three: Character Building Builds Character

Lesson Four: Empathy and Tolerance

Lesson Five: The Power of Narrative and Imagination: Confidence and Self-Reliance

Off the record:
Lessons Six: Bring Snacks
Sauce: Doritos & Mountain Dew

Let me know your thoughts; please comment below!

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