About Me

Vincent van Gogh, 1853-1880, Dutch, Piles of French novels, 1887, source

Library Management | Organizational Leadership

Game Master | Anthropologist | Nevadan | USAF Veteran

Professional Profile

My name is Jacqueline F. Casey, but I usually go by my nickname Jacq. 
I am a fifth-generation Nevadan & US Air Force veteran. I have earned a Master of Arts in Anthropology & a Master of Business Administration. My hobbies include blogging & writing, various forms of gaming, & fitness. (More here in my very first blog post!)

My core values are honesty and vulnerability, and professional and personal relationships. 
These values translate into actionable behaviors: bravery & putting people first. Putting effort into building relationships leads to happiness & achievement. By engaging in service to others, paying attention to colleague morale & well-being, & applying transformational leadership principles, managers can shape the mission dedication needed for the organization to be successful. Hence, my professional drive is to improve the product or service by improving teamwork with skill sets & increased morale, & mentoring leadership for each & every individual.

As an Active-Duty Military Member
My time in the military gave me experience in middle & project management & trained me for commanding & leadership. My positions instilled me with a solid work ethic along with high quality assurance standards & attention-to-detail. I was able to develop the ability to perform well in high-stress situations with fast-paced deadlines, to sharpen my risk management capabilities, & gain a refined comprehension of policy & direction.

As a Social Scientist
My time as an anthropologist honed my ability to collaborate well with diverse peoples from diverse cultures, an understanding in social & behavioral patterns in- and between-individuals, & high ethical & humane practices. I can execute objective research well, comprehend statistics, spot plagiarism, use citation skills, & publish written works.

Supplementary Postscript

I played the trumpet throughout junior & high school. I was in concert, jazz, & bandstand. I also served in the USAF Drum & Bugle Corps. I was the trumpeter of MacDill AFB Honor Guard, & it was a privilege to honor deceased active duty & retired military with the playing of Taps.

In all my years of long-distance running, I only ever ran one marathon – in my twenties, at sea level, & on flat land. I am more of an Athenian than a Spartan.

I joined the Ancestry craze. I learned I am 60% English, 20% Scottish, 10% Norse along with pitches of Welsh & Irish – plus 1% Western Congo.


MBA (2020) University of Nevada, Reno
MA (2013) University of Nevada, Las Vegas
BA (2010) University of Nevada, Las Vegas
AA (2006) Hillsborough Community College
AAS (2004) Community College of the Air Force


Libraries (2000-present)
Library Assistant Manager & Supervisor (2018-present)
Library Technician (2016-2018)
Digital Archivist (2016)
Librarian Assistant (2016)
Library Student Worker (2012-2013)
Technical Order Distribution Officer (2004-2008)
Technical Order Distribution Accountant (2000-2004)

Research (2008-2013)
Lead Researcher (2010-2013)
Research Assistant (2008-2010)

Active-Duty U.S. Air Force (1999-2008)
Quality Assurance Evaluator (2005-2008)
Records Manager (2006-2008)
Ground Safety Manager (2005-2006)
Base Honor Guardsman (2003-2005)
Satellite & Wideband Communications Technician (2001-2004)
Intelligence Communications Technician (1999-2001)