Another D&D Video: Hero Forge Review!

Theseus and the Minotaur, Antonio Canova, 1781-1783

Hi everyone!  This is Jacqueline F. Casey and Sean Busey with another D&D video! Today we are reviewing Hero Forge, an online company that helps you to actualize, create, and customize your own miniatures!

The first time I saw customized minis being 3D printed was at Reno Pop Culture Con a few years ago. People themselves were scanned in their cosplay and then that image was 3D printed. I was personally dressed at the Tardis from Dr. Who, but the line was too long so I opted out. Neat stuff though! 

I was so happy to find the Hero Forge site a couple of years ago. I’m not an artist and there is no way I could ever put to paper or sculpture what I imagined my characters to be.  And I didn’t want to steal or modify others’ works. Hero Forge’s online builder not only helped me to express what was in my mind but also gave me a way to have that manufactured!

On other pages of my blog, you can find my tiefling warlock, Gwendolyn Goodie, and my newest character, Broomhilda Brasshammer, a mountain dwarf barbarian – both created using the Hero Forge builder. After you create a character they happily allow you to download a free digital copy!

Not long ago, Hero Forge went through a massive transformation upgrading anything and everything they could imagine, and it all come through massive crowdsourcing on Kickstarter. Visit their Kickstarter site to see what they can do! 

What do you think about Hero Forge?  Have you tried it?  What do you like?  What could be improved?  Let me know down below in the comments! Also, feel free to share your creations!

Also, you can check out Sean Busey’s podcasts, Lax Historical Context at, and Checked Out at Happy listening!

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