Modeling the Standard: A DM and his Leadership Skills

Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, 1861

“The title comes later” is the name of the new campaign which has not officially begun.  I am excited to be a player again!  I have created two characters – well, I have brought in a character from a prior campaign that lasted about six months and I created a new one (because never stop learning!).  The DM and I sat down about a week ago to talk about my characters and set them up.

Lesson Learned: One-on-one sessions between a player and the DM before starting is a nice touch.

He made me feel comfortable enough to discuss some elements I did not quite understand.  He told me about his expectations for the campaign and gave me a printed page with some general house rules.  As a female player and someone with military service-related PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), I was happy to see these rules about treating each other with respect and how a player could have a veto on something triggering. 

Lesson Learned: The DM should set some basic house rules, remind players about respect, and create a psychologically safe and inclusive environment.

He asked me if I need help and offered advice only when I asked.  He never talked down to me when I asked what I perceived to be simple questions.  He asked about my preference for certain factors.  He told me about things that he preferred to be this way or that way and gave his reasons (which were totally legit).

Lesson Learned: No “mansplaining” (in today’s lingo) with lots of discussion about “why” rather than “just because.”

We took our time and enjoyed the springtime afternoon with a couple of beers and blueberry muffins.

Lesson Learned: Enjoy the time with your team or your leader.  Make it comfortable and assured.

So here are my characters!  I did not get everything I requested, but I am happy with the output.  I heed the words of  Sopentooth who commented on one of my posts – discussion and balance is key.

Gwendolyn Goodie, a tiefling warlock

You may remember her from a prior post, or have seen her on one of my pages, Fables from D&D, Player edition

Created using Hero Forge!

Broomhilda Brasshammer, a mountain dwarf barbarian.

I have played a human barbarian before; however, never a dwarf. 

Created using Hero Forge!

They will be interesting foils to each other, and I look forward to developing their characters.  While Gwen is physically weak and tends to stay out of arms reach, Broomhilda is strong and welcomes hand-to-hand combat.  Gwen prefers to use her words, her high charisma, and charm to get what she wants.  Broomhilda also uses her words, but they tend to bellow and be full of rough language.  Gwen enjoys a small glass of gin and gooseberries from time-to-time, the company of intellectually stimulating and flirtatious conversationalists.  Broomhilda gulps down beers with shots of dwarven brandies and starts bar brawls.  You get the idea.

Like I stated before I am excited to start again, and I look forward to playing with this DM!  I will let you know more as the campaign begins! 

Let me know your thoughts! Please comment below!

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